Kanichai group - St Joseph's Clay Works, Kalady, Kerala, India (ISO 9000-2000 certified)
Anti fungal coloured/ ordinary roof tiles - Kerala, India
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St Joseph's Clay Works, pioneer in tile manufacturing in Kerala (India), with rich experience of more than a century, is now synonymous for quality roof tiles, decorative tiles, terracotta wall murals and pottery articles. Tiles are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production plant with stringent quality tests. Our infrastructure include modern R&D lab for designing innovative products. We are the market leader in tile segment in Kerala and we strive for continuous improvement of product design & quality.   With over 100 years of experience in tile manufacturing, Kanichai  group is  the   harbinger of Terra Cotta products in Kerala. Over the years, connoisseurs and users have appreciated the undeniable aesthetic brilliance and high quality of our wide range of products which are moss resistant / heat reflective coloured roof tiles. Our products have been used for roofing and flooring so many mansions, buildings etc (including Le Meridien and Naval Academy, Ezhimala) and are recommended by famous architects & buiders in India. St Joseph's Clay Works has ISO 9001-2008 based quality system.
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