Kanichai group - St Joseph's Clay Works, Kalady, Kerala, India (ISO 9000-2000 certified)
Anti fungal coloured/ ordinary roof tiles - Kerala, India
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The coloured anti fungal roof tiles, matching the international quality standards are manufactured with an enticing range of enduring shades and meticulously maintained flawless symmetry. Crown your home with coloured roof tiles and give it a never before elegance. Technology behind its creation is painstakingly developed by the in house R&D department with European technical expertise. These tiles are made of superior raw material which gives it a formidable capacity to withstand ravages of time and weather. Coloured roof tiles stands apart in an aura of contemplative stillness, distinctively unique from other tiles available in the market. It perfectly reflects your taste and style.

Features: Stable colors, Anti fungal, Resist moss formation, Heat reflective surface, Weather resistant, High strength, Low  water absorption, Long lasting finish, Maintenance free.

Coloured tiles
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